Play: a means by which children develop their physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and moral capacities

Child's Play: a task that is easily accomplished

Woman's Play: the grown up versions for personal growth and support to make wishes reality. 


I want to help women discover their own better half. To make the second half of life the best years yet.

To create more positive energy and joy. To open our hearts to discovery and becoming more self-aware.
In addition to cooking classes, I am planning exciting new activities to awaken wonder and creativity.

Online programs; videos; fun, hands-on classes; adventures; and even more down the road.  
Does this sound like something you would like to be part of? 

WHAT is Woman's Play?

  • currently in it's infancy, with inevitable growth

  • a circle of collective experiences including creative endeavors, challenges, nature time, and more

  • the discovery and wonder of ritual and ceremony

  • a safe, welcoming, no-judgment community

  • a place where we want to know, "how are you, REALLY?"

  • a place for real personal growth - with less accumulation, and more clearing, releasing, and letting go

  • a combining of the Divine Feminine with Real Life

WHO is Woman's Play for? It is for Women: 

  • 45 + ( a little younger, but need this? No problem!)

  • with a desire to live their own Better Half

  • feeling as though "something" is missing

  • longing for community and connection with other 45+ women

  • that may be dealing with a major life change (big move, divorce, empty nest, loss of spouse, and others)

  • who are perfectly happy, and want to see what else might be "out there!"

What Woman's Play is NOT:

  • a therapy-type support group

  • a woo-woo, "find yourself" program where you neglect and abandon your family & friends, and have to wear glitter body-paint and flower crowns (although you are certainly welcome to do those things!)

Intro Video

Woman's Play Intro

Want to know more and be a part of it all?? Click below.





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