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Tips to help you not overeat!

Can you believe it's the holiday season already?? The NEW YEAR is right around the corner! January will no doubt bring thoughts of diets and detox, review and regret. 

But it doesn't have to be that way! There's no need to wait until January to start taking steps toward better health. And that doesn't even mean depriving yourself of your favorite holiday foods and treats! 

Here are some tips to help keep the extra pounds away and still keep the merriment alive and well: 

1. Give yourself a gift. Make it an absolute point to schedule some self-care time for rest and rejuvenation - even if it's 30 minutes per day that you can practice some deep breathing, do a bit of yoga or stretching, write in a gratitude journal, or simply BE. Try to do this first thing in the morning, even if you need to wake up 30 minutes early before there are distractions or time to make excuses. 

2. Before you go, here's what to know. Before heading out to a party, a dinner, or some other holiday event that you know will include food and/or drink, make a plan. Decide what you are expecting the celebration to be for you and set your limits and actions around what you eat or drink. Eat slowly and enjoy conversation with other guests. 

3. Be prepared for confrontation and decide ahead of time that it will go in your favor. Certain friends or relatives are likely to question or even judge what's on - and not on - your plate. Could it be that they are feeling guilty about their own choices? Smile, thank them for their concern and change the subject or walk away! 

4. Check the choices out first. What's included in the food spread? Before you start loading up on some of everything, decide to fill your plate with more of the healthier options and smaller bits of other things. That way, you won't feel deprived! If it's a buffet or scattered options, fill a plate and nibble from that to keep portions under control. 

5. Take a hike. Or even a gentle walk after eating. It will help your body digest your food more easily and comfortably. Invite others to join you and share what you are grateful for, or tell stories of holidays past and laugh like crazy! 

Above all, honor the spirit of the season. 

Happy Thanksgiving. 





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