Meet Cheryl

  • Holistic Chef
  • Health & Life Nutrition Coach
  • Woman's Circle Leader                 
My deepest desire is support women in taking steps to improving their own health and well-being.

My journey began nearly 25 years ago with a cancer diagnosis...a wake-up call. 


I learned a lot about myself and the power within me to change my life. I went from working a stress-filled corporate job to starting a personal chef business. That led to teaching recreational cooking classes, catering, teaching a personal chef course, cooking demonstrations and more.

While all that was fun and exciting, it was not health-focused. My energy waned. Years after surgery, I struggled to feel "normal" again. I carried 40 excess pounds, my hair was falling out and dull, my skin was grey and flaky. 

I went from doctor to doctor, and finally found one that said the magic words..."Why don't you try some nutritional changes?" Wow. It actually sounded like common sense. Where do I start? "Get a book about food and health." (this was all pre-internet!)

My library quickly grew. I devoured the information. I read and researched. I experimented and adjusted. I tasted and tweaked.
It wasn't long before I started to realize positive results! My weight began to drop, my hair shined, and I was getting compliments about my glowing skin all the time! I wanted to share what I was learning with my clients and began to seek those interested in meals that could possibly have a profound affect on their health!

I cooked for a lot of heart patients in their 80's and beyond that simply wanted their favorite foods prepared without salt - and nothing green. Ugh. I needed to find a way to share my own discoveries in a better way. I was approaching burn-out. 

Then came cancer #2. Time to change up the recipe again. This is when I discovered my desire to teach others how to help themselves. I enrolled in a course and became certified as an Integrative Health & Nutrition Coach. 

My initial focus was to work with cancer survivors, from diagnosis through recovery and beyond; to help with issues through treatments and after surgeries; to develop and stick to a plan for continued improvements; to offer support going forward. 

Over time, my focus has expanded. In addition to support through cancer, I also offer consultations and coaching for digestive disorders and gut health, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, detoxification of body and environment, and much more. 

Cooking for others in my plant-strong cooking and nutrition classes fuels me. Inspiring others to create change within their own lives starting with their relationship to food comes naturally. 

The newest addition to Intentional Health is Woman's Play - creativity, connection and community for women 45+. 

How I can help you

Are you a woman looking for simple answers to improve your family's health as well as your own? 

I find that women are generally more pro-active in the area of healthy food choices, and know that it can sometimes be confusing and frustrating to please everyone and "make them understand." Through both my personal experience and my training, I have discovered that supporting ourselves first is key. That idea can be difficult for many of us. I will help you awaken your self-worth without guilt in order to enhance the lives of those around you.

Believe it or not, this all starts with Life Nutrition - discovering what feeds your body, mind, spirit and soul.  

My work supports my vitality. Consider me a catalyst to begin your own journey by checking out my offerings: 

* Join a class - in-person or virtually
* Sign up for a consultation and get a customized plan
* Participate in a Woman's Play gathering or discussion

It's time to begin. 



Plant-strong Cooking Classes

Mindfulness & Self-Care Practices

Digestive wellness

Support through cancer treatments

Women in community

Group Presentations/Public Speaking



"Thanks for transforming my home in to a much healthier place to dine! Your classes have been so much more than just cooking!" KC

"I want you to know that you have PROFOUNDLY changed my cooking style and I am building a healthy pantry!" ML

"I've been cooking more at home - especially your delicious recipes - and clearing out the pantry and replacing with healthier ingredients." KW

"Just yesterday, one of my patients was telling me about sugar and how she's trying to cut more out of her diet. Turns out, it was because she had read your article in last month's newsletter. So it's working! Thank you!" MJ

"Thank you so much for speaking to our group last Thursday. You did an excellent job, and several people told me you were the best speaker ever!" Deb