Fruits & Veggies

We ALL need more fruits and vegetables in our diets for better health. But who wants to EAT more fruits and vegetables? Personally, I LOVE to prepare and eat plant-based meals, but sometimes even I don't get enough variety. With Juice Plus+, I get the nutrients of over 70 different, REAL plant foods EVERY DAY.  You can too. 

Fruits, Veggies and Berries in capsules


Fruits, Veggies and Berries in chewables

Children's Health Study - Kids Eat Free! 

Plant-based Omega Blend! No "fish burps" or mercury issues.

Complete Shake Mix - complete protein , vegan, high fiber, good fats; Chocolate and Vanilla

Complete snack bars - two flavors; great for on-the-go nutrition!

Click HERE to order now! (or feel free to call me so I can help you determine which product/s will be best for your situation)

"Since starting on the Juice Plus+ Trio, my side effects from chemo have lessened considerably and I look forward to possibly having them gone completely!"  



I do not recommend many supplements - Juice Plus+ is my "go-to" recommendation because it IS real food, not synthetic vitamins. However, there are a few supplements that can be helpful for just about anyone. 

A high-quality probiotic (There are many brands and options available. Spore Probiotics are powerful!) 


Vitamin D3- too many people are deficient in this hormone (actually NOT a vitamin!) 

Digestive enzymes can be helpful at times and do not necessarily need to be used long term.

Other high-quality supplements may be recommended for temporary use on an individual basis depending on current condition and treatment. 

“After talking with you for only 1 1/2 hours, I feel that I have the ability and courage to make the changes necessary to improve my health. And I know you will be there for support along the way!”  C.Z. 

What else?

Self-care is essential for good health. Don't wait. Choose life. YOUR life. 

Meditation - there are many different ways to meditation and there are loads of resources online, in local classes and even apps for your phone. Check one out now. 


Gratitude - whether it's writing in a journal, giving thanks in prayer, recording your thoughts on your phone, or sharing your gifts, it DOES make a difference.

Essential Oils - powerful natural "medicines" from plant sources to be used for aromatherapy and healing. Please DO NOT use essential oils internally unless working with a qualified practitioner. 

Move your body - the best exercise is the one you will do consistently. 

Salt lamps - their energy literally alters the environment for the better. 

Flower essences! The effects can be SO profound! They help to ease health conditions, balance emotions, relieve anxiety, promote self-love, and even end pain.  Contact me for specific recommendations for your individual situation. 

“I never believed that healthy food could actually TASTE so good! My cooking and my kitchen will never be the same!"  D.L.





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