90 Days to More Health, Energy & Life!

A fun group program with customized guidance for each participant!

Are you struggling with a chronic health issue?

Does sugar have you in its grip?  

Are your clothes mysteriously shrinking (or is your body silently expanding)?


You know something's gotta give, and you simply don't know exactly what it is or how to get started - and then how to STICK with it!

This 90 day guided program will help you create new habits and teach you how toss the old ones once and for all. 

* ELIMINATE cravings and achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss.

* KICK the sugar habit and control blood sugar naturally.

* INCREASE energy for activities you love. 

* REDUCE pharmaceuticals and OTC medication.

* ENJOY fewer sick visits to the doctor's office

* EAT BETTER to promote increased longevity and quality of life.

Imagine your healthier life after these 3 months! How can you afford to miss this??? 


* TWO 60-minute online group sessions per month that include an educational segment, fun exercises to help you meet your goals, and Q&A. (via the ZOOM app; sessions will be recorded and shared in case you can't make it live.)

* ONE 30-minute private session per month to pinpoint specific struggles (ZOOM or phone)

* Membership in a private FaceBook group

* Unlimited email communication for questions, concerns, blocks - and WINS!

* Materials to help you along including: menu plans, quick and delicious recipes, educational guides, simple implementation strategies, and warning signs to pay attention to. 

* All this with NO deprivation! 


Anyone that would like to finally FEEL better and eliminate the nagging challenges of figuring out what foods are best, how to break from excessively processed foods, and how to build a plan that is sustainable with consistent results. 

Especially good for: 

- anyone diagnosed with pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver or high cholesterol 

- anyone desiring to kick-start weight loss 

- anyone tired of making excuses and ready to take charge of their health!

    PROGRAM BEGINS MONDAY,              NOVEMBER 13th!!!

And goes through February 13th.


Yes, it is over the holiday season, but don't let that stop you! No more excuses! You will enjoy happier, healthier, lower-stress days and not have to miss a single celebration or gathering!  


This program is limited to 12 participants and therefore, registration is by phone only. 



EARLY BIRD PRICING!!! Call to sign up by November 4th and pay only $157 per month! That's $90 off the regular price of $187 per month! ($30 per month savings; total $471). Installments of $157 will be charged on the 4th of November, December and January. 


PAY-IN-FULL by November 4th and get an additional $20 off (total cost of $451 with discount). 

Want even MORE savings??? Invite a friend to sign up with you by November 4th and get an additional $20 off your first installment (or from the pay-in-full amount. (installments of $137, $157, $157; or $431 pay-in-full)

(November 5th through November 12th, cost is $187 per month, or $561 pay-in-full)








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