There are some exciting things coming up! Mark your calendar and be a part of this growing circle of amazing women! And be sure to get on the list to be notified when event sign-ups are open! CLICK HERE to join.


SUNDAY (Originally scheduled for February - POSTPONED

Sure, we all breathe, otherwise, we would not be walking on this Earth. We tend to take breath for granted...something that simply happens naturally. But did you know that when you practice conscious breathing every day, you can experience profound life changes? Everything from shedding excess weight, reducing stress, improving relationships, and even getting a radiant glow are possibilities! Come gather to learn about conscious breathing and how just a few breaths can change the direction of your thoughts, reactions, and your life.  Details coming soon.   

MORE IN 2020 -

MARCH - Spring Equinox Gathering 



And many more hikes, walks, talks, and connecting.

From Critic to Creator - online program. 2020 Date to be announced.

Are you your own worst critic? Are you never good enough in your own mind? Do you struggle with receiving compliments? Does all the negative self-talk wear you out? Let's turn that around! Go from being the critic of everything you do to creating the YOU that you envision. Learn to shine the light that is within you and open to new possibilities and potential. This program creates a ripple effect - as you put the practices into place for yourself, those around you will also be changed in a positive way!

I am always open to hearing what interests you and just what you are looking for in this BETTER HALF of life! EMAIL HERE with comments, suggestions and requests!

Tonight was amazing. (Drawing Meditation Gathering) Thanks for doing what you do! AW

After watching your video about this group, I can't wait to jump in and be a part of it! It sounds like just what I need at this time. RL

You always seem to offer exactly what I need at the exact time I need it! How do you do that? NB





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