You're probably tired of hearing about detox programs and cleanses. Or perhaps you've tried a few and they made you feel awful, or you could not handle the weird concoctions or the feelings of deprivation! 

The human body is built to naturally detox daily - IF WE GIVE IT THE RIGHT FUEL. 

There is no reason to deprive yourself of real food - food that is recognized as something from the earth. 

I hear a lot of excuses about poor dietary choices: 

Time is tight, organic food is expensive, I'm too tired, I have to (try to) satisfy my cravings, my family doesn't like healthy food like I do. 

Those excuses are a choice. Only YOU can make the decision to make changes and decide to take control and improve your well being. 

Delicious, health boosting meals can be easy, cost effective and VERY satisfying. The 2017 INTENTIONAL DETOX supplies recipes and tips for flavor-filled, nutrient-dense meals that you will want to make again and again - even AFTER the program ends! 

And that's what makes the INTENTIONAL DETOX different from others. This program is meant to help you create better eating and lifestyle habits that make you feel so good, you won't want to quit! And you don't have to! 

How do I know if I need a detox/cleanse program? 

Have you ever: 

  • overindulged in sugary foods or alcohol during the holidays (or any time!)?

  • consumed animal proteins for every meal in the same day?

  • taken antibiotics?

  • been hospitalized? 

  • felt bloated, sluggish or unmotivated?

  • noticed that your complexion is dull and dry/flaky?

  • had breakouts or weird rashes "for no good reason?"

  • been diagnosed with high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, or Type 2 diabetes? 

  • been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder? '

  • been told you have a sluggish or congested liver? or a fatty liver?

  • eaten raw fish/sushi?

  • had chemotherapy or radiation treatments for cancer? 

There are many categories of toxins that should be removed from your body - chemicals from "non-food" food, residue from genetically modified organisms (GMO's), heavy metals (from many sources), parasites, and more! 

The INTENTIONAL DETOX focuses FIRST on creating a clear pathway for toxins to leave the body. THEN it works on helping the body release and eliminate those toxins. Each person may have multiple, and different, toxins to remove. A guide will be provided to help you determine the steps you need to take, as well as support along the way.

Too many detoxification programs focus only on releasing toxins from your cells - leaving them with no way out, only to have them recirculate in your bloodstream and eventually settle back into another area. Some of them may even leave you feeling worse than when you began! 

What results might you experience from the


  • better digestion, no more bloating

  • better, more restful sleep

  • clearer, more vibrant skin

  • more energy

  • peace of mind and a sense of well-being

  • a better outlook on life

  • a reduction or elimination of nagging symptoms

  • possibly being able to get off,  or reduce, certain medications

  • a deep connection and understanding of how real food supports health and healing

  • new health boosting, enjoyable lifestyle habits

  • a JOY of cooking!

Here are the DETAILS: 

  • The program starts on February 1, 2017 (I know it's coming up quickly. Don't worry - you don't need to fill your refrigerator with fruits and veggies just yet!)

  • The program officially ends on March 2, 2017 (but that does not mean you need to abandon your new, sustainable habits going forward!)

  • Why 30 days? 30 days is a good amount of time to create good habits that are more likely to "stick." The 30 days will be over before you know it - because you will be having fun and feeling great!

  • Your investment for the entire 30 days is ONLY $97!!! (early bird pricing - sign up and pay by 1/28/17 - then the price goes up to $137)  WHY so affordable? I will be offering suggestions of products that you may wish to add to your personal program, and I want to make it easier for you to purchase them if you choose to do so. 


  • What's included? You will receive email messages from me a few times per week. Some of those messages will include videos with tips and information on the topic/s of the week. There will be files for you to print out and/or download to help you keep track of your goals and progress. You will also get a meal plan with delicious, plant-based recipes (and options for carnivores along with suggestions for reducing animal proteins throughout the program). 

  • A private FaceBook page will be available if you would like to share your questions and successes with me and the other participants. Not on FaceBook? No problem. You can always email me privately! 

  • For Denver area residents, you will receive a discount coupon for a lymphatic drainage massage from the great team at Integrative Massage Solutions in Lakewood!



Just click the button above to register! You do not need a PayPal account to pay. Be sure to supply your email address!


Prefer to pay by check? Email me for details on how to do that.






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