Do you feel like you’re always giving so much to others but can’t seem to make time for yourself?


I work with chronically fatigued and overwhelmed women (and men!) to determine their triggers so that they can feel human and full of life again!


The problem is they have no time for themselves, are stressed out to the max and have no idea where to start when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle. Waning energy, lack of motivation, a feeling of not being connected - what is the source??


As your coach, I’ll help you find your energy, reduce stress, and realize your healthy potential.




Do you…


  • Wake up without energy?

  • Get less than 8 hours of sleep each night?

  • Have weight that won’t budge?

  • Suffer from undesired symptoms? 

  • Settle for poor food choices? 

  • Have a pale or splotchy complexion?

  • Worry constantly about not having enough time? 

  • Worry constantly about not BEING enough?

Imagine feeling rested and refreshed every morning, losing those extra 10 pounds, loving the person looking back at you in the mirror, and looking forward to everything ahead of you!


You deserve to feel amazing every day and that’s why I created 12 Days of Wellness! This program will get you started on the healthy path, so you can get the results you’ve been waiting for to fly through the holiday season happy and energized. 


12 Days of Wellness is the jump-start you need to improve your health and happiness! 


You’ll get:


  • 7-day DIY meal plan sheet, so you always know what’s for dinner 

  • Printable positivity quotes to motivate and inspire you

  • Tips to make your bedroom a tranquil sanctuary to get the sleep you need

  • Speedy holiday workout, so you can move your body efficiently

  • Tips to maintain a healthy weight during the holidays, while still indulging

  • ...and MORE!


Ready to get started? 




Why my 12 Days of Wellness Program? 

It took me YEARS to discover the steps to my own wellness. But it all came down to some basics - and that is what I am offering you here. Wellness, and happiness for that matter, should not be difficult.

Start with these steps to experience results quickly! (Remember, you must take part with action steps!)




Do I need a PayPal account to join? 
Nope! Simply click the link and you can pay via credit card. 

Will I be doing this program on my own? 

Yes, you have the option of using this as a Do-It-Yourself program. If you prefer ongoing support from me - and others - be sure to join the private Facebook group. A link will be provided in the DAY 1 email message. Daily messages will also be posted in the group. 

When does the program start? 

Your program will start the day after you sign up! Registration will be offered through December 12th, so not everyone will be at the same point at the same time. The Facebook group will be monitored daily to offer support through the end of December. 

Do I get to keep all of the "gifts"? 

Yes, all of the gifts and links are yours to keep. 

Can I share the Program with friends and family? 

Well, technically, there is nothing stopping you from forwarding my emails to others. However, please keep in mind that I am running a small business to and cannot offer everything for free. (Upon joining, please review the Terms & Conditions link in the first email.)

What happens at the end of the 12 Days? 

I hope you are able to integrate the gifts into your life during your 12 Days. At the end of the program, I will share various options for continuing on your path to wellness!



Want in??? 





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