August 1, 2014

What IS a "Healthy" Happy Hour? 


Join me and others interested in easy ways to improve their health!  Learn the importance of a nutrient-dense diet and exactly what that means.

Enjoy a glass of wine or beer (or a non-alcoholic beverage) and healthy snacks!

WHEN:  Friday August 1, 2014

August 16, 2014

Would you like a few hundred dollars extra in your bank account each month? 

Are you tired of you J-O-B and looking for something to do part- or full-time where you can be your own boss? 

Are you health minded?

Are you aware that the health industry is BOOMING?? 

There are a lot of "sketchy" health products out there being promoted with unrealistic promises. 

Juice Plus+ is a whole-food health promoting line of products backed by published peer-reviewed clinical research proving it's efficacy. 

Join me at a summer party celebrating Juice Plus+ and see the potential in person! 

If you are looking for a change, let's talk.  If you are truly interested, I'll fill you in on the rest of the details and sign

September 25, 2014


Join Holistic Health Coach Cheryl Rojic for some delicious time in the kitchen!  Learn which foods will help boost your immune system, heal your body and provide energy and vitality!  Learn how to prepare healthy meals quickly and easily!  Enjoy samples of all recipes prepared in class.    

All SEPTEMBER classes will be held on THURSDAY evenings.